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Motivated by Living is a collection of inspirational quotes covering a range of different topics. Whether you are looking for the right quote about love, leadership or anything in between, you are sure to find it amongst the pages of the site.

Words can’t make changes in our lives for us. They can’t make us take action or appreciate the things we have and take for granted. Even so, there is no denying their power. A simple quote can have a powerful effect on our outlook and mindset. Words can inspire you to take action and improve your life.

Our collection of quotes aims to keep you motivated, help you reflect on the beauty in your life, and improve how you feel in some way.

Every single one of us has changes we would like to make in our lives. A few probably come to mind as you read this. Many of those changes may have been sitting in the “tomorrow” pile for far too long. Even worse, some may have been abandoned completely when they got too tough.

Hopefully, our collection of inspirational quotes will help you in some way. For me, many of these quotes have given me the motivation and confidence to work towards the things I want in life, and reflect on how much I appreciate those around me. If they can have anywhere close to the same effect on you, they this site will be serving it’s purpose.

Please visit back regularly as we continue to add new quotes and update our available categories. If you have any requests for quotes you’d like added or categories you would like please get in touch with us via facebook.